Shaping the new

We craft new products and breathe life into innovative ideas
through design, prototyping and technology.

Year one at Topp

Below are some highlights from our first year.

The beginning

7 founders

History in Mobile UX

We founded Topp in the first quarter of 2013.

As lead designers, prototypers and innovators with a long history working as a team, one goal of starting Topp was to enable a design approach that would see new experiences delivered to people.

“We started Topp to be able to work in the new”

Oscar Olivestedt

Areas During the year


Building a team

8 new talents


We’ve tried to build our team with purpose. Everyone at Topp brings a unique perspective and expertise to a project. This means we can see the bigger picture more easily.

But no matter if it’s the next mobile platform or analysing wearable trends - everyone here shares a passion for defining new experiences.

new studio

"Through the year Topp has attracted talent and the team has doubled in size"

James Haliburton

Our skills Extending the offering

Impact around the world

15 clients


The first year has seen us travel the world to three continents and eight countries, working in mobile, medical, publishing, automotive and other exciting spaces.

Even when working globally we bring a touch of Malmö everywhere we go.

“What we do is simple - design that enables clients to deliver new & valuable experiences for people”

Kajsa Westman

Future Concepts

Visited Where did we go?

What’s next?

2014 year two

What do we see ahead? Well, we see blurred lines between services and products, ecosystems and platforms, physical and digital.

In a word - complexity.

But we get most excited finding elegant solutions in the midst of difficult problems. Year one at Topp has laid a foundation for design to bring some clarity to the future.

"Design can’t predict the future, but it can define it."

Jonas Arbsjö

Academic Collaborations

buzz Where we've been seen

We had a great year one and we are looking forward to making you part of year two.