Shaping the new

Meaningful experiences through brave design

Topp is a design consultancy based in Malmö, Sweden. We help forward-thinking clients worldwide to shape future products and services.

‘Many products and services today rely on both digital and physical elements. They are part of one experience and should be designed as a whole.’
marcus ericsson - ux designer

progressive design practice

We embrace new approaches and perspectives in how we design, and shape our teams to be able to tackle any design problem. We actively reflect on our work to stay at the forefront of defining new experiences.

User research should not only inform and validate design but be a driving force in the creative process.
jen ignacz, user researcher

creating impact

Our focus is on turning opportunities into actionable designs. What we create is both strategic and refined. We carefully shape our projects to get best possible traction within an organization.

‘Prototypes are the natural way for us to express an interactive design. It's in our DNA and we even built our own tools for it.’
Michael Winberg, Prototyper


Every engagement should consider all elements that affect the user experience. From the big picture to the specifications, we can express strategy in the details.

'Topp & People People put together a team to design and innovate around NEVS driver and passenger experience in their future electric vehicles. [...] The ideas that came out of their work were not only innovative, but also made a lot of sense and looked great'
Kjell AC Bergström, VP Quality, NEVS